Andy Warhol art house...Lose your mind...

Hey everyone!

I have been really busy writing some new songs, and organizing the release of OMG.

This weekend is going to be f*cking crazy! I will spend an entire day in an art house creating, painting, music, fashion, makeup; basically I will lose my mind all weekend. Follow me on snap to witness the madness : eveminor .

OMG will be officially dropping on october 24th , be on the lookout. This weekend may or may not be a reflection of that. 

I'm extremely excited. That's all I'm going to say.

I tried this vegetable Okra btw... Idk it's iight. lol. Without alot of spice and cajun shrimp it's like a slimy green bean LMAO I feel like a toddler trying to shovel vegetables in my cranky mouth. I need to get more dark leafy greens and a variety of vegetables in my diet and more water. I feel like if I could though I would exist solely on caffeine IV and smoke, and music, like not even oxygen. Regardless, okra-I don't recommend it LOL

Abs mission is progressing, I'm so happy to see like a 4 pack poking through. I am on a mission to have a sick V. You'll see in these new photos...and my new ink by my frand Paul! I love it so much. My new tattoo is beautiful. I really love it. I spent a year and a half lasering off jail house ink and dealing with all the emotions that come with that, I am so happy that I can finally feel like I can lay those demons to rest. It's a really empowering feeling. If you want any advice or are curious about laser tattoo removal feel free to ask.

This november I will be talking about Covenant House and ways to donate for homeless youths. It really hits a soft spot for me, and please help these kids any way you can. I will also be donating to National Coalition of Domestic Violence. I think it's really important that people understand the nature of abuse and educate themselves, many people in america are unaware that they are in a toxic situation, and it's important to help our brothers and sisters everywhere <3

Follow me on twitter: @eve_minor , snap: eveminor and instagram: @eveminor for updated fleeting thoughts, pics, and music I like to listen to. My latest playlist has been Amy Winehouse, Muse, and Prince. #throwbacks

Thank you to everyone who sends me love letters <3 You're so sweet and kind and supportive, I couldn't have better people supporting me; I mean it. 



OMG, Psychic experience, posterized...


I hope all of your weeks have been blessed and happy. I apologize for the delay of "OMG", I have something coming up for that, so it is on pause for the time being.

I went to a psychic yesterday, accidentally. I passed by and felt like I should've stopped in. It was a $10 read so I was like sure why not, tell me something I don't know. I walked in and she immediately told me she felt I was a psychic too, ok ok ok calm down everyone, I'm a skeptic so just keep reading. She told me I was highly intuitive, and to close my eyes and read her energy. So I visualized her in a kitchen with pots and pans being thrown around and screaming and her being slumped on a chair highly stressed, she told me to keep going. I picked up on a divorce, and I was right. She told me I need to learn to trust myself and my intuition, and that's my biggest issue, not trusting myself. I take all of this with a grain of salt, but of course there is validity to it, I spent the past 5 months bugging out, and am slowly starting to come back. She told me my health issue will resolve itself and I will live a long, infinite life. She mentioned that I have a darkness about me that both attracts and detracts people from loving me. To me, that is a very vague statement, but again, who knows. I am trying to be more open and less guarded, but it's a work in progress. She mentioned that I'm highly creative and that I will reach my highest creative potential soon with many blessings. There were other things, like having three soulmates, and love life stuff, but that's all cliche to me.

That love life stuff is here and there for me. I was married when I was 18, and was pretty much on wife life mentality for a very long time, I didn't really have relationships when I was younger either, I spent too much time playing music, and...more about that later. I have a couple songs I've been working on that reflect that part of my life, for the record, but honestly I get really insecure talking about those kinds of stories. I think the last thing I ever want to do is make anyone listening to my music feel sad, or feel brought down. This psychic did tell me I was meant to help a lot of people and that I should expose those songs because they can be very healing to other people. What do you think?

All in all it was definitely a positive experience, I know I have to learn to let go of certain things, and I have been working on that. She had some great predictions about my career, which I will believe because they were so positive and hopeful.

I want to start meditating more, I've been recently on a bigger path of self discovery than ever before. I think it's really essential at this point in my life; we're all growing and changing every day and I have to really take an inventory and reassess a lot of things to be a better me. Without self there is no way to help other people, and I really have a lot of ways I want to help others. I have been following up with my health and things seem to be looking up, it's giving me hope and calming me down a lot.

In other news, my brother Dawud West, has designed my very first poster which is up for sale in the culture section. Be sure to check it out, he is so talented, really. I admire his work so much, it is an honor to have him do a visual for me. The cover for OMG will also be out soon, so be on the lookout for that. Lots of positive things on the horizon. I am eternally grateful for everyone who continues to support me and sends me letters of encouragement, and love. You really hold me down. Rap or die also put me in their blog, so look out for that. All my latest stuff is up on my socials, twitter: @eve_minor , instagram: @eveminor, snap: eveminor .

Have a blessed week everyone! I love you!!! <3

Easy come, easy go…new visuals…mad hatters tea party…cooking

Happy October everyone!

Special thanks to GirlTalk HQ and all of you listening and watching the piggy bank video. We are almost at 19k streams, you better be practicing the lyrics for when I call you up to sing with me. Spotify is lit for us right now, thank you so much for supporting me and rocking piggy bank <3 Look for the video on youtube and leave me some love <3

OMG is coming out soon, I know I said October 1st, but I wanted to tweak the mix a bit. I want it to be perfect. I really do love that song; it's probably my favorite beat that I've made so far.

This week was fun in the studio hanging out with my people, I have a couple of projects on the board I can't wait to share with you. You can catch some in the studio jams and making too much fun on my snap chat : eveminor

I been posting up some new visuals from "Mad Hatters Tea Party". It's the photography series in a bathtub full of donuts. Yes, I may have licked these donuts, yes i may have had too much fun with them, I may have snapped about it when I was shooting, and I may have deleted those snaps. All of that is possible. It's avant garde photography.

This week has been a lot of fun for me, concentrating on my projects and making new music and art. I can't wait to share it with all of you. I am also booking a few shows, so be on the lookout for that.

In fall news, I been rocking this lipstick called disturbed , it's a deep brick red and it's really cute. I think dark lipstick on pale skin is a great fall look as long as the rest of your face is bare. Switched my entire wardrobe for this season, fringe boots, browns and reds-I'm excited for fall fashion. 

I also found a bunch of recipes I'm gonna try out using acorn squash. Stuffed acorn squash with chorizo (that's for my friends-I don't eat meat), and this acorn squash coconut carrot soup. I'm very excited for the season change. I will probably snap about this at some point. I love cooking.

If we aren't already friends on the socials, find me! twitter: @eve_minor , instagram: @eveminor , snap chat: eveminor

Much love <3

Virtual Reality! New Ink! New tapes! I like it... yea, I like it... It's a celebration B*tches

I keep feeling the love from the universe and all my people out there. This week has continued to bless me.

I just finished cutting the vocal take for another song. In celebration for another year of being clean and relatively sober (physically) I decided to put two tracks out next month...It's called "I like it". OMG and I like it are slightly different, I like it is pretty sample heavy. I'll let you know what they're about..soon. Maybe who, maybe just what..we'll see.

I got really great news this week. I been making beats for a bunch of hip hop artists and Keith Murray and Sparks and some other artists will be using my beats and featuring me on a tape. They bodied that beat though! I can't wait to be in the studio and finish it up.

We've been getting a lot of love from blogs like Nerve Djs, and raphead; I want to say again how grateful I am that you're my people and that you listen to me and respect my craft. I love to create and share it all with you; thank you so much again for supporting me <3

This week I got new ink BTW!!! I'm so extremely excited to finally get one of my tats switched up, I will have a photo shoot soon and you will all get to see the beautiful work done by my friend Paul Booth. He is truly such an exceptional artist. It is an honor to have been tattooed by him. He also got these phones for virtual reality! It was such a trip, we were in a parade in Machu Pichu. My jaw was on the floor...I will definitely go there one day.

If you haven't seen the first visual for "OMG💦" head over to my instagram : @eveminor , or twitter : @eve_minor , and I'll probably drop some in snap here and there.

I also had band practice the first time this week, more on that soon and the show schedule ::kisses::

P.S. To everyone out there who struggles with addiction, you are not alone, and if you ever need help you can always ask me. I have a lot of methods to stay positive and substance free...whatever you are going through, you can get through it. "It works if you work it" You have the power to change you, I believe in you <3

Love you all <3, OMG, Supreme Health, and being a junky...

Thank you so much everyone for your continued support of my music. We're on indie planet tv, hoodillustrated, and New York Underground Radio so far. Peep these articles... the links are on my twitter : @eve_minor .

This week has been a really happy week for me. I really love making new friends- for those of you who know me, "frands". My heads been in the clouds, but I really like it. I like it.

Are you all counting down to October 1st with me? Some of my most active people are-shoutout Trey, shoutout Josh, Nez, Dawud, Ian, Glenn, Jeremy, and Foi. Y'alls are dope!

New track is called ..... *Drum roll*....


Get hyped!

I got some really good news from my doctor this week. Apparently, wheat grass really does help vitals, and overall health. It clears the immune system and detoxifies cells. I have also been drinking an insane amount of Matcha Green tea... that stuff is my new crack. I been really trying to take care of my health lately more so than ever, I'm on the road to becoming a health junky. I been working out more too... tryna stack dem abs lol

I got a few new songs I been working on, anddddd finally posters and shirts. I will be putting them in the Culture section-so be on the look out for that.

Piggy Bank the movie will be coming out this week. On that note, the next movie will be shot soon. If you are interested or know someone who is, please contact .

I discovered some really cool music this week, and really went back to a lot of stuff I used to listen to. I did a Choking victim, leftover crack, op ivy, cro mags, nirvana live, alice in chains, KRS one type of week. Love throw backs. I do like that new Banks and Steele though. New Vince Staples, remains dope, and of course Deja Vu - Post Malone, is killing it.

What are some of your favorite new songs? I wanna know!

P.S. I'm about this smile I been wearing all week. Universe is great to me right now. Sending that positive feeling to my people.<3

Makeup, Music, Fashion, Remembrance

Today is 9/11. Today is the day we remember all the lives lost in one of the most vicious attacks in American history, and the continued efforts of those who protect our country. My heart really goes out to all the lives lost, and as we continue to remember this day, all the people who continue to fight the war on terrorism. Please take a moment to reflect on this today if you haven't already, it is really important to honor those memories and continue to stick together.

* Pause *

This week has been a pretty down week for me, a lot of catching up on my health , etc. etc. and catching up on new music...which btw 8) ...I digress.

Next Monday, 9/19 , I will drop the video for Piggy Bank. If you haven't already seen the trailer for it, please look below.

I'm so very grateful to have such positive feedback on the track, it will be featured in a few things coming up so be sure to follow my socials (IG: eveminor , twitter: @eve_minor , facebook: eveminor, snapchat : eveminor) for those updates, and ridiculous $hit on occasion.


(lmk if you understood that reference)

i do want to discuss the season change. To my women, beauty addicts, and fashionistas out there, you know exactly what I'm talking about. New season=new pallet and wardrobe.

I picked up the "Candy" perfume by Prada this week, along with Modern Muse. Modern Muse has continued to be my favorite since the summer, honestly, it's a little floral but just enough. Candy is a more flirty scent which I think will help set off scorpio season for me.

On the topic of fall, F*ck pumpkin spice ... yea I said that.

Anyways, new lipsticks to try this season have to be Cabernet and plum shades, and I'm so over highlight. I used and abused highlight for the summer, this fall will be all about smokey eyes and dramatic lipsticks for me. Also, a return to my roots with lots of leather and fringe-no, I will not take out my old combat boots or my old band shirts. Can we just have a moment for fashion reviving the 90's? Like that's cute, but can we change it up. I really can't stand when people wear shirts of bands/artists they don't even know or listen to. What ever happened to going to a show and buying a shirt to support, or wearing a shirt because you love that strongly disagree with you exploiting band shirts. I'm sure there are so many metal heads and punk rockers out there thinking "what if i wore your $h*tty polo looks, would you wanna wear em then?" Punk is a rebellious culture, not to be bitten by those wanting to fit in- it's for those knowledgeable that they stand out, and own the fact that they do. *Also for those of us that like to use F*ck Off as a term of endearment or as a preposition (: JK, but not really.

I'm very excited for this fall, there are a lot of really great shows coming around with really dope artists- gonna try my best to make it out to one of "The World Has No Eyedea" shows ... if you don't know about Eyedea and Abilities, please do yourself a favor and check it out

...Also if you're in town for one of the shows listed-go see it for me, in the event I don't get to see one.

With this being recovery month I thought it would be nice to not share. I will leave it at that. My name is Eve and ...I am not sharing...yet. BUT I would like to just talk about my friend, Keith.

I posted a picture called "in loving memory", which you can find on my IG. The fall brings back so many memories of him, it was a really rough June for me escaping the fact that I would not see him for his birthday, yet again. It used to be a weird ritual for us-the whole birthday thing was huge, no matter how long we didn't see each other for. His existence in my life has been so crucial to my development as a person, in so many ways. I really learned what it means to love someone, because no matter what I always love him. In a way that, I've accepted his passing, but I also still have so much love for him and remember him the way he always was and will be. To those of you in grief or going through a tough time, I hear you and I send my heart out to you <3 You will get through this.

On a more uplifting note, I will begin production of the next video in the next couple weeks. This one is going to be...well, you'll see. Keep updated and tell me what you think!

P.S. <3



This week has been a blessing

I'd like to start off this weeks post with a Happy Labor Day to all of my hard working friends out there. I hope this weekend is fun and relaxing and most importantly safe.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been listening to piggy bank, I really appreciate every single one of you, you are such beautiful and encouraging people-thank you so much. Piggy Bank will be getting off of and onto spotify and itunes this week. The video will also be premiering in the next week, I will let you all know.

This week has gone by so quickly, the street team and I took a trip into central park this week and hung out with some backpack rappers and sang with some really cool musicians-life is so beautiful and inspiring I swear. I look at these little moments and am so thankful I've been blessed with the breath of life. I experienced so much beauty this week in the new people I've met with, including Nez, and Ed who manages the Wild Prophets, I really find my life to be charmed. Reflecting back on all the days where I was just too sick to get up, and too oppressed to be outside-I can't emphasize how much I enjoy every smile, hug and kind word. The world is so beautiful.

I also have been showing images from my portrait series, which Dawud West will be designing the posters for. Due to demand for posters and merch, they will be up in the culture section for all of you <3 Thank you for supporting my creative endeavors, truly.

I've been listening to this really dope podcast, Super Duty Tough Work, by this really dope rapper/producer Blueprint. He really is the truth, he is so highly intellectual, and has so many important and inspirational things to say. It made me think about how I can give back more to my community and help. It's a little discouraging in some respects though, I never had a formal home, I never grew up in a stable supportive environment, so I really can't claim any city; I really feel as if I'm still looking for a home in so many ways, but I identify with the community of us who have had it hard, who grew up struggling, with addiction, without support. Whatever community that we are, that's my city. We are everywhere, and I am here. If you aren't familiar with Covenant House, please check them out and try to put all your unused work clothes to these homeless youths. I am really pushing for a clothing drive this fall for these kids-they deserve it.

Other than that, I really have had a blessed week, thank you to everyone, and thanks to Dem Atlas, this really talented rapper/MC , mf said "easy come, easy go..." I def got beyond excited for a hot minute 😂One listen and I'm thrilled. I swear I get joy off the littlest things.

OH YEA, I picked up wheat grass and have been really committing to this resurgence of health, if you want any info on it, please ask.It's supposed to be alkalizing and the mecca of health, we'll see.

Stay safe everyone and have an amazing weekend and upcoming week.

If you want to join my street team, please add yourself to the email list. You'll get really cool updates about fun events/and some giveaway stuff and firsts on what's happening <3



It's hard to concentrate with the monkey on my back

I'm about to release my first single piggy bank tomorrow and honestly as excited as I am, I am kinda scared too. This week has been extremely interesting in reference to people's reactions to my photography series and my announcement of my single. I'm so incredibly thankful to have my people who support and love my art, you truly are the rock that holds me down. I've had several girls on the internet attack me and my photos, y'all some mean ass mf's-I'll never really understand why people hate. Psychologically, I understand it's a projection of your feelings towards yourself, and I truly give my heart to you and hope you find your way, I don't feel special in your desperate attempts to bring me down, however, I'll let you know that you don't know anything I've been through, and nothing you can say could even touch close to what I've heard in my life. With that being said, it's been a rough week.

The monkey on my back has been ever present, and being indie and promoting and creating my own website and the extra stuff that goes on really slowed down my playing and writing. Without writing I really feel like I am coming out of my skin-it is unpleasant to say the least. 

Highlights of this week: All my beautiful people out there helping me and giving me positive encouragement; thank you for everything, I really love you all…

P.S. Not gonna front though, Cold Brew and this funnel cake flavored vape juice has held me down pretty steadily 😂

How have all of your weeks been? I send you all love <3