Hey everyone!

I have been really busy writing some new songs, and organizing the release of OMG.

This weekend is going to be f*cking crazy! I will spend an entire day in an art house creating, painting, music, fashion, makeup; basically I will lose my mind all weekend. Follow me on snap to witness the madness : eveminor .

OMG will be officially dropping on october 24th , be on the lookout. This weekend may or may not be a reflection of that. 

I'm extremely excited. That's all I'm going to say.

I tried this vegetable Okra btw... Idk it's iight. lol. Without alot of spice and cajun shrimp it's like a slimy green bean LMAO I feel like a toddler trying to shovel vegetables in my cranky mouth. I need to get more dark leafy greens and a variety of vegetables in my diet and more water. I feel like if I could though I would exist solely on caffeine IV and smoke, and music, like not even oxygen. Regardless, okra-I don't recommend it LOL

Abs mission is progressing, I'm so happy to see like a 4 pack poking through. I am on a mission to have a sick V. You'll see in these new photos...and my new ink by my frand Paul! I love it so much. My new tattoo is beautiful. I really love it. I spent a year and a half lasering off jail house ink and dealing with all the emotions that come with that, I am so happy that I can finally feel like I can lay those demons to rest. It's a really empowering feeling. If you want any advice or are curious about laser tattoo removal feel free to ask.

This november I will be talking about Covenant House and ways to donate for homeless youths. It really hits a soft spot for me, and please help these kids any way you can. I will also be donating to National Coalition of Domestic Violence. I think it's really important that people understand the nature of abuse and educate themselves, many people in america are unaware that they are in a toxic situation, and it's important to help our brothers and sisters everywhere <3

Follow me on twitter: @eve_minor , snap: eveminor and instagram: @eveminor for updated fleeting thoughts, pics, and music I like to listen to. My latest playlist has been Amy Winehouse, Muse, and Prince. #throwbacks

Thank you to everyone who sends me love letters <3 You're so sweet and kind and supportive, I couldn't have better people supporting me; I mean it.