I hope all of your weeks have been blessed and happy. I apologize for the delay of "OMG", I have something coming up for that, so it is on pause for the time being.

I went to a psychic yesterday, accidentally. I passed by and felt like I should've stopped in. It was a $10 read so I was like sure why not, tell me something I don't know. I walked in and she immediately told me she felt I was a psychic too, ok ok ok calm down everyone, I'm a skeptic so just keep reading. She told me I was highly intuitive, and to close my eyes and read her energy. So I visualized her in a kitchen with pots and pans being thrown around and screaming and her being slumped on a chair highly stressed, she told me to keep going. I picked up on a divorce, and I was right. She told me I need to learn to trust myself and my intuition, and that's my biggest issue, not trusting myself. I take all of this with a grain of salt, but of course there is validity to it, I spent the past 5 months bugging out, and am slowly starting to come back. She told me my health issue will resolve itself and I will live a long, infinite life. She mentioned that I have a darkness about me that both attracts and detracts people from loving me. To me, that is a very vague statement, but again, who knows. I am trying to be more open and less guarded, but it's a work in progress. She mentioned that I'm highly creative and that I will reach my highest creative potential soon with many blessings. There were other things, like having three soulmates, and love life stuff, but that's all cliche to me.

That love life stuff is here and there for me. I was married when I was 18, and was pretty much on wife life mentality for a very long time, I didn't really have relationships when I was younger either, I spent too much time playing music, and...more about that later. I have a couple songs I've been working on that reflect that part of my life, for the record, but honestly I get really insecure talking about those kinds of stories. I think the last thing I ever want to do is make anyone listening to my music feel sad, or feel brought down. This psychic did tell me I was meant to help a lot of people and that I should expose those songs because they can be very healing to other people. What do you think?

All in all it was definitely a positive experience, I know I have to learn to let go of certain things, and I have been working on that. She had some great predictions about my career, which I will believe because they were so positive and hopeful.

I want to start meditating more, I've been recently on a bigger path of self discovery than ever before. I think it's really essential at this point in my life; we're all growing and changing every day and I have to really take an inventory and reassess a lot of things to be a better me. Without self there is no way to help other people, and I really have a lot of ways I want to help others. I have been following up with my health and things seem to be looking up, it's giving me hope and calming me down a lot.

In other news, my brother Dawud West, has designed my very first poster which is up for sale in the culture section. Be sure to check it out, he is so talented, really. I admire his work so much, it is an honor to have him do a visual for me. The cover for OMG will also be out soon, so be on the lookout for that. Lots of positive things on the horizon. I am eternally grateful for everyone who continues to support me and sends me letters of encouragement, and love. You really hold me down. Rap or die also put me in their blog, so look out for that. All my latest stuff is up on my socials, twitter: @eve_minor , instagram: @eveminor, snap: eveminor .

Have a blessed week everyone! I love you!!! <3