I'm about to release my first single piggy bank tomorrow and honestly as excited as I am, I am kinda scared too. This week has been extremely interesting in reference to people's reactions to my photography series and my announcement of my single. I'm so incredibly thankful to have my people who support and love my art, you truly are the rock that holds me down. I've had several girls on the internet attack me and my photos, y'all some mean ass mf's-I'll never really understand why people hate. Psychologically, I understand it's a projection of your feelings towards yourself, and I truly give my heart to you and hope you find your way, I don't feel special in your desperate attempts to bring me down, however, I'll let you know that you don't know anything I've been through, and nothing you can say could even touch close to what I've heard in my life. With that being said, it's been a rough week.

The monkey on my back has been ever present, and being indie and promoting and creating my own website and the extra stuff that goes on really slowed down my playing and writing. Without writing I really feel like I am coming out of my skin-it is unpleasant to say the least. 

Highlights of this week: All my beautiful people out there helping me and giving me positive encouragement; thank you for everything, I really love you all…

P.S. Not gonna front though, Cold Brew and this funnel cake flavored vape juice has held me down pretty steadily 😂

How have all of your weeks been? I send you all love <3