Today is 9/11. Today is the day we remember all the lives lost in one of the most vicious attacks in American history, and the continued efforts of those who protect our country. My heart really goes out to all the lives lost, and as we continue to remember this day, all the people who continue to fight the war on terrorism. Please take a moment to reflect on this today if you haven't already, it is really important to honor those memories and continue to stick together.

* Pause *

This week has been a pretty down week for me, a lot of catching up on my health , etc. etc. and catching up on new music...which btw 8) ...I digress.

Next Monday, 9/19 , I will drop the video for Piggy Bank. If you haven't already seen the trailer for it, please look below.

I'm so very grateful to have such positive feedback on the track, it will be featured in a few things coming up so be sure to follow my socials (IG: eveminor , twitter: @eve_minor , facebook: eveminor, snapchat : eveminor) for those updates, and ridiculous $hit on occasion.


(lmk if you understood that reference)

i do want to discuss the season change. To my women, beauty addicts, and fashionistas out there, you know exactly what I'm talking about. New season=new pallet and wardrobe.

I picked up the "Candy" perfume by Prada this week, along with Modern Muse. Modern Muse has continued to be my favorite since the summer, honestly, it's a little floral but just enough. Candy is a more flirty scent which I think will help set off scorpio season for me.

On the topic of fall, F*ck pumpkin spice ... yea I said that.

Anyways, new lipsticks to try this season have to be Cabernet and plum shades, and I'm so over highlight. I used and abused highlight for the summer, this fall will be all about smokey eyes and dramatic lipsticks for me. Also, a return to my roots with lots of leather and fringe-no, I will not take out my old combat boots or my old band shirts. Can we just have a moment for fashion reviving the 90's? Like that's cute, but can we change it up. I really can't stand when people wear shirts of bands/artists they don't even know or listen to. What ever happened to going to a show and buying a shirt to support, or wearing a shirt because you love that strongly disagree with you exploiting band shirts. I'm sure there are so many metal heads and punk rockers out there thinking "what if i wore your $h*tty polo looks, would you wanna wear em then?" Punk is a rebellious culture, not to be bitten by those wanting to fit in- it's for those knowledgeable that they stand out, and own the fact that they do. *Also for those of us that like to use F*ck Off as a term of endearment or as a preposition (: JK, but not really.

I'm very excited for this fall, there are a lot of really great shows coming around with really dope artists- gonna try my best to make it out to one of "The World Has No Eyedea" shows ... if you don't know about Eyedea and Abilities, please do yourself a favor and check it out

...Also if you're in town for one of the shows listed-go see it for me, in the event I don't get to see one.

With this being recovery month I thought it would be nice to not share. I will leave it at that. My name is Eve and ...I am not sharing...yet. BUT I would like to just talk about my friend, Keith.

I posted a picture called "in loving memory", which you can find on my IG. The fall brings back so many memories of him, it was a really rough June for me escaping the fact that I would not see him for his birthday, yet again. It used to be a weird ritual for us-the whole birthday thing was huge, no matter how long we didn't see each other for. His existence in my life has been so crucial to my development as a person, in so many ways. I really learned what it means to love someone, because no matter what I always love him. In a way that, I've accepted his passing, but I also still have so much love for him and remember him the way he always was and will be. To those of you in grief or going through a tough time, I hear you and I send my heart out to you <3 You will get through this.

On a more uplifting note, I will begin production of the next video in the next couple weeks. This one is going to be...well, you'll see. Keep updated and tell me what you think!

P.S. <3