Thank you so much everyone for your continued support of my music. We're on indie planet tv, hoodillustrated, and New York Underground Radio so far. Peep these articles... the links are on my twitter : @eve_minor .

This week has been a really happy week for me. I really love making new friends- for those of you who know me, "frands". My heads been in the clouds, but I really like it. I like it.

Are you all counting down to October 1st with me? Some of my most active people are-shoutout Trey, shoutout Josh, Nez, Dawud, Ian, Glenn, Jeremy, and Foi. Y'alls are dope!

New track is called ..... *Drum roll*....


Get hyped!

I got some really good news from my doctor this week. Apparently, wheat grass really does help vitals, and overall health. It clears the immune system and detoxifies cells. I have also been drinking an insane amount of Matcha Green tea... that stuff is my new crack. I been really trying to take care of my health lately more so than ever, I'm on the road to becoming a health junky. I been working out more too... tryna stack dem abs lol

I got a few new songs I been working on, anddddd finally posters and shirts. I will be putting them in the Culture section-so be on the look out for that.

Piggy Bank the movie will be coming out this week. On that note, the next movie will be shot soon. If you are interested or know someone who is, please contact .

I discovered some really cool music this week, and really went back to a lot of stuff I used to listen to. I did a Choking victim, leftover crack, op ivy, cro mags, nirvana live, alice in chains, KRS one type of week. Love throw backs. I do like that new Banks and Steele though. New Vince Staples, remains dope, and of course Deja Vu - Post Malone, is killing it.

What are some of your favorite new songs? I wanna know!

P.S. I'm about this smile I been wearing all week. Universe is great to me right now. Sending that positive feeling to my people.<3