I keep feeling the love from the universe and all my people out there. This week has continued to bless me.

I just finished cutting the vocal take for another song. In celebration for another year of being clean and relatively sober (physically) I decided to put two tracks out next month...It's called "I like it". OMG and I like it are slightly different, I like it is pretty sample heavy. I'll let you know what they're about..soon. Maybe who, maybe just what..we'll see.

I got really great news this week. I been making beats for a bunch of hip hop artists and Keith Murray and Sparks and some other artists will be using my beats and featuring me on a tape. They bodied that beat though! I can't wait to be in the studio and finish it up.

We've been getting a lot of love from blogs like Nerve Djs, and raphead; I want to say again how grateful I am that you're my people and that you listen to me and respect my craft. I love to create and share it all with you; thank you so much again for supporting me <3

This week I got new ink BTW!!! I'm so extremely excited to finally get one of my tats switched up, I will have a photo shoot soon and you will all get to see the beautiful work done by my friend Paul Booth. He is truly such an exceptional artist. It is an honor to have been tattooed by him. He also got these phones for virtual reality! It was such a trip, we were in a parade in Machu Pichu. My jaw was on the floor...I will definitely go there one day.

If you haven't seen the first visual for "OMG💦" head over to my instagram : @eveminor , or twitter : @eve_minor , and I'll probably drop some in snap here and there.

I also had band practice the first time this week, more on that soon and the show schedule ::kisses::

P.S. To everyone out there who struggles with addiction, you are not alone, and if you ever need help you can always ask me. I have a lot of methods to stay positive and substance free...whatever you are going through, you can get through it. "It works if you work it" You have the power to change you, I believe in you <3

Love you all <3