I'd like to start off this weeks post with a Happy Labor Day to all of my hard working friends out there. I hope this weekend is fun and relaxing and most importantly safe.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been listening to piggy bank, I really appreciate every single one of you, you are such beautiful and encouraging people-thank you so much. Piggy Bank will be getting off of soundcloud.com/eveminor/piggybank and onto spotify and itunes this week. The video will also be premiering in the next week, I will let you all know.

This week has gone by so quickly, the street team and I took a trip into central park this week and hung out with some backpack rappers and sang with some really cool musicians-life is so beautiful and inspiring I swear. I look at these little moments and am so thankful I've been blessed with the breath of life. I experienced so much beauty this week in the new people I've met with, including Nez, and Ed who manages the Wild Prophets, I really find my life to be charmed. Reflecting back on all the days where I was just too sick to get up, and too oppressed to be outside-I can't emphasize how much I enjoy every smile, hug and kind word. The world is so beautiful.

I also have been showing images from my portrait series, which Dawud West will be designing the posters for. Due to demand for posters and merch, they will be up in the culture section for all of you <3 Thank you for supporting my creative endeavors, truly.

I've been listening to this really dope podcast, Super Duty Tough Work, by this really dope rapper/producer Blueprint. He really is the truth, he is so highly intellectual, and has so many important and inspirational things to say. It made me think about how I can give back more to my community and help. It's a little discouraging in some respects though, I never had a formal home, I never grew up in a stable supportive environment, so I really can't claim any city; I really feel as if I'm still looking for a home in so many ways, but I identify with the community of us who have had it hard, who grew up struggling, with addiction, without support. Whatever community that we are, that's my city. We are everywhere, and I am here. If you aren't familiar with Covenant House, please check them out and try to put all your unused work clothes to these homeless youths. I am really pushing for a clothing drive this fall for these kids-they deserve it.

Other than that, I really have had a blessed week, thank you to everyone, and thanks to Dem Atlas, this really talented rapper/MC , mf said "easy come, easy go..." I def got beyond excited for a hot minute 😂One listen and I'm thrilled. I swear I get joy off the littlest things.

OH YEA, I picked up wheat grass and have been really committing to this resurgence of health, if you want any info on it, please ask.It's supposed to be alkalizing and the mecca of health, we'll see.

Stay safe everyone and have an amazing weekend and upcoming week.

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